10 Top Tips To Present Your Bathroom When Selling or Letting Your Home

1- A bathroom can never be too clean, so get those surfaces clean and sparkling.

2- Declutter all Surfaces. It's not necessary to have every bottle on display.

3- Get rid of fitted carpets. They absorb moisture and often look tatty and can smell bad.

4- Use only water resistant floor. Such as lino, vinyl, ceramic or mosaic tiles.

5- Add some elegance to the air, with scented candles, diffusers and oils.

6- Change the blind with a clean fresh one or install frosted glass.

7- Finish off all DIY jobs, install new lightbulbs and storage if necessary.

8- Purchase a new shower seat, shower curtain or glass screen and add fresh coordinating towels.

9- Badly stained or soiled grout should be cleaned or redone.

10- Clean mirrors and taps with glass cleaner to make them extra sparkling.

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