September you often see a splurge in the property market whether you are letting or selling. But why is it so popular.

Indian Summer - September in recent years has seen some great weather. The trees are still green and the grass is still growing.Your house will look great in photographs and you can still capture the summer sun. Plus; more than likely you will still have a high chance ofgetting the best weather on viewings.

Schools - The schools are back and for many the routine is back. It's hard to keep homes tidy when your children are off school and with lots of events and holidays scheduled it's also hard to maintain and manage your investment property. For many September is the time to get back to normality.

Earlier night - Thatís right, this is always attractive as when the nights are longer your viewers canít view too late into the evening.††That means theyíll come during working hours, so youíre tenants normal routine isnít disturbed!†
September really is a great month to find tenants.Why donít you download What Every Landlord in Surrey Should Know BeforeRenting.
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